Elizabeth Find M.D.: Diagnosis Mystery

Elizabeth Find M.D.: Diagnosis Mystery

A hidden-object game on the coat-tails of TV series like "House M.D." or "E.R."
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Elizabeth Find M.D.: Diagnosis Mystery is a hidden-object game developed by ValuSoft. In this game the main character is Dr. Elizabeth Find, an immunologist who works in a big hospital. But you are not alone, you work along with a group of specialists in order to cure some rare illnesses. If you have seen TV series like E.R. or House M.D., you may know that it's a stressful job and sometimes very frustrating.

After the first welcoming screens you will have to solve your first case (there are two more to be solved). Each of the three cases - a comatose man with no ID, a coughing child, and a woman with a strange rash - starts with a patient arriving at the hospital suffering from some sort of malady. You will have to use medical instruments such as stethoscope, and so on. You will always be able to consult your mentor, Dr.Roberts, if you have any trouble.

Every next level is more difficult than the previous one, sometimes you will have to restart because you haven't found an object from the list, or your assignment is not completed and you have run out of time.

The visuals are awesome, the designers paid much attention to details. The soundtrack is nice and the sound effects are good. The gameplay is very simple, you will only use your mouse. In conclusion, you will spend a lot of time playing this game.

María Noel Balla
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